Friday, July 23, 2010

Jessa Update (7/24/10)

Two weekends ago we puppy-sat Jessa. If you remember the last time we had her, she was totally all over the place and didn't do so stellar on her evaluation. She went into heat a second time and wow, what a totally different dog. She has really matured, calmed down, and really relaxed. I kept thinking I had maybe picked up the wrong dog or something!

My husband and I love to go mini-golfing so of course, Jessa came with us. She did great though seemed a little bored with it. :) Afterwords, we went and saw Toy Story 3 which she liked because she got to lay on the cool cement floor. Sunday we went to a Street Fair and walked around.

She had another evaluation last weekend and they decided to pull her for breeding because of the amount of times she has been heat. If not, she will head into formal training. I got the email on Friday that her recall date is the Fun Days in Oregon. I haven't talked to her raisers to see if they are going to be getting a new puppy, a transfer, or taking a little break.

With out futher ado, here are some pictures!
Jessa waiting her turn to play miniature golf:

Miniature golf is pretty fun!

Her look of, "I'm getting bored, can you speed it up please?" :)

Jessa in front of a water fountain. She wanted to drink it but it smelt like bleach. :/

In front of a police car:

The firefighters got a good laugh out of her posing for this picture:

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