Saturday, May 22, 2010


Have you ever raised or puppy-sat a dog that you just can't pin-point what issue they are having? :) Jessa really is a sweet dog but there is just something about her. I took her to work the beginning of May and the same thing happened as last time. It took her about 15-20 minutes to calm down and when I took her on a walk at lunch, she was all over the place.

Last weekend she had her one year evaluation which didn't go horrible but not great either. At this point, it looks like she will be spayed before she heads back for formal training. She was really odor distracted and was really interested in everything besides walking and paying attention.

This past week I took her to work again (2 weeks later) and within 5 minutes, she was over in her corner chewing quietly on her Y-Bone and proceeded to sleep the whole morning. When we went on a walk at lunch, nothing like a little food to get her to pay attention (plus I had her on a correction collar instead of just the flat). She seems to be making progress (which is good). She still has a couple of months before being recalled so hopefully I will be able to work with her a little more. I promise no miracles though! :)

Here she is at 13 months hanging out with me at work:

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