Saturday, July 24, 2010

Marlin Update (7/24/10)

Are you ever around one of those dogs that just kind of makes you laugh inside and you wonder what they would be like if they were human? Marlin is totally one of those dogs. He is so alert and loves to know what is going on at all times. He actually turned the big 0-1 on Tuesday! :)

Saturday we were really busy (lots of driving around and visiting people with new houses) :) so he went to another puppy-sitter who lives within walking distance of our house for the day. On Sunday we went to the Sounders game with my husband's work. For those of you who don't know, Seattle Sounders FC is a MLS (Major League Soccer) team based in Seattle. They play at Qwest Stadium where the Seattle Seahakws play.

We had been to a game before last season but I totally forgot how much louder it is than the Mariner's baseball for example. I think Marlin was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of people and all the noise. When we went to find our seats (which my husband's company had like 400 reserved)it was PACKED. I looked up and thought there is NO way we are going up there with a dog! Thankfully one of the really nice ushers let us sit front row in some empty seats. :) Marlin was very interested in the game and by the end was able to relax a little bit more.

I was SO thankful to him for letting me sleep in not only Saturday till 8 but Sunday till 9! I rolled over at 8am on Sunday and thought "He's not awake!" "Don't move: Just roll back over" and thankfully was able to get another hour of sleep. :) Though he did make up for it Tuesday morning. :/ He was back over at another puppy-sitters house Monday night were he decided a black plastic crate handle would be a good snack. Needless to say, he didn't like it and decided to throw up at 4 AND 5am. I actually felt bad because at 4am it sounded like he was burping so neither of us got out of bed. At 5am, he was doing it again and my husband turned on the light only to find quite the surprise all over his bed and some on the carpet. :/ All I have to say is I think my husband is much more prepared to have kids than me!

I was able to get a couple of pictures of Marlin at the Sounder game. I'm pretty sure he was one of the first (if not the first) GDB puppy in training to attend the game.

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Lauren and Don said...

I am laughing thinking about what Don would be like as a person :) haha! What a great outing for a puppy in training! That's nice that you got a seat with extra room for Marlin- when I took Don to a Giants game a while back he had a really hard time fitting under my chair (and his tail kept hitting the guy in front of us...) Love the pictures. Way to go, Marlin! The game must have really tired him out- its soo nice when pups sleep in late.