Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Donata in Class :)

I got the email this morning that Donata is in class and will be graduating on the 8th of May in Oregon!! :)

I'll post more about Topeka's graduation tonight.


Megan, Paris & Fullerton said...

Congrats to Donata, that is so exciting. I got to chat with Topekas raisers a bit at graduation. They are really nice, the little girl was so funny to watch. While the raisers where getting instructions on what to do with the dog and handler she was bouncing up and down in anticipation. It was really cute, cuz that is what I was doing on the inside. :) Then she sang a Topeka song during her talk on stage and it made everyone laugh. What a cutie! They told me "hi" from you and tried to get a picture of us for you but it didn't ever work out. Oh, well. It was a really, really great day!

GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

I told them to be on the look out for a dog named Fullerton and to say hi if she had the chance. :) They live about 2 minutes from us so we got to see Topeka quite a bit "growing up".

I'll have to ask her to sing me the song next time I see her. :)

Hope to meet you soon! I feel bad it didn't work out, but babies have a timing all of their own.