Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sibling Update

Topeka's Siblings:
Tallulah-Phase 10
Tara-Phase 4
Toledo-Phase 10
Trevor-Was in Phase 8...Not sure if dropped or graduated.
Trishna-Phase 4
Tropic-Phase 1
Tulsa-Phase 10

Congrats to Topeka for graduating today and becoming a working Guide Dog!! :) (That's another post...)

Donata's Siblings:
Damara-Phase 9
Dexter-Phase 10
Dotty-Phase 6
Digby-Phase 4
Derica-Phase 1
Dot-Phase 1
Dubai-Phase 1

Doanta is currently in Phase 10 waiting to be placed and will hopefully be graduating in the next couple of weeks!

Thanks again to Maddie and Besty for sending me the full phase reports!

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