Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Topeka's Graduation

I was really hoping to make it down for Topeka's graduation, but my little niece has yet to make her appearance into the world. My husband and I knew we would be down this coming weekend and maybe the weekend after for Donata's graduation (which is a lot of driving). :) I had hoped to meet Megan and Fullerton since Fullerton was graduating in the same class as Topeka. I have yet to go to a graduation but it's on my list! It doesn't look like we will be going down for Donata's graduation unless the baby is really late (which I'm hoping for the sake of my sister-in-law she comes soon) hehe

Topeka's raiser was a 10 year old girl who with the help of her dad and mom, helped raise Topeka. They did a wonderful job with Topeka and was so happy to see her graduate with an amazing partner.

Topeka will be living in Little Rock, Arkansas with a woman who is fully blind. She teaches visually impaired children and travels around the USA and also internationally. Her husband and son (who also happens to be the same age as Topeka's raiser) were on hand for the graduation and were so happy to have a new member to their family. Topeka is her first working guide dog.

This picture really shows the brindle color on her legs:

Topeka in harness:

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Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Glad to hear the capital city graduated with such an amazing woman! Every time I drive through Topeka I am reminded of her!!! She's so beautiful in harness.