Monday, March 5, 2012

Puppy Updates (3/5/12)

  • Kyra was dropped for her fear issues .  She has been adopted by a wonderful family!
  • Trinka was also CC'ed after being in Phase 8 for the past couple of weeks. :( She developed a love for squirrels, birds, and other dogs.  She has been adopted by her raising family and will be big sister to Amara! :)  
  •  Our leader (who had Kyra) was supposed to get a puppy on the March truck (that was yesterday), is actually waiting until the April truck as there is a possibility for a golden puppy!
  • We welcomed Gia (a yellow lab) to our club back on the 15th of February! She is 5 months old and was born 9/28/11 to Jenkins and Favor.  I will try and get some pictures of her soon.
 Here are some random pictures from the middle of February:

 Amara-Almost 4 Months Old (She is so soft and such a little fluff ball!) :)

 Becky at a little over 11 weeks:


Up close of Kyra: 


Valeria-8 Months Old:

You must pass Valeria  to get to the food!

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