Thursday, December 15, 2011

Puppy Updates (12/15/11)

  • Trinka is in Phase 1 this week!
  •   Kirsten has been career changed for behavior problems and is back down in Oregon waiting for her forever home.
  • Cadence is finally going to be going to the Seattle club.  She went into season and was down at the Oregon campus and just came back this past weekend.  
  •  I haven't puppy-sat in awhile and FINALLY had the chance to take Valeria to work with me for the day.  She is a sweet little thing  that is really easy going but loves the dirt from mole hills (she is a little bit of a garbage mouth). 
Below are some pictures of Valeria and from our Christmas party....Enjoy! :)  

Valeria at her raisers house:
Valeria at our house:

Valeria (L) and her career change sister Lomita on the (R):

Valeria at work with me(5-1/2 months):

L to R: Valeria, Kyra, and Kirsten



Kyra with her antlers on:


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year! :) My sister is getting married this weekend so we have family coming into town and then it's Christmas and New Years.  It seems like this year has flown by and I'm looking forward to what next year has in store. 

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