Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

The first of October our club (along with two other clubs) participated in our annual pumpkin patch and corn maze outing. My husband and I happened to win for the second year in a row!  I mainly attribute that to Kelli (the leader of one of the other clubs) amazing sense of corn maze map reading. We had Simba for the day which is a brother of the famous chocolate lab Snickers! Simba was transferred to our club and he's a BIG dog. As in I don't remember the last time we had a dog that big in our club. He's just really tall and STRONG. I was able to get pictures of all the dogs in our club though truth be told, some cooperated a little bit better than the others. :) Here they are in no particular order:





We also got a new transfer dog to our club, but I won't have any information till our club meeting tomorrow.  Also, Trinka is on breeder watch and will probably be heading back next month.  I will leave you with this picture of Simba.  He was totally worn out so  he was laying on his bed and I was taking a little nap on the couch.  I woke up to this and was trying really hard not to laugh...HI SIMBA! :)


Carrie's Raiser said...

Wow! Carrie and Cadence look SO different to me!

Shelly :) said...

I'm glad you found my blog! :) Cadence is very light in color (almost white). We actually haven't puppy-sat her but I've been able to get some pictures of her at outings. How is Carrie doing? I read on your blog she just got fixed. I'm not sure if Cadence has or not.

Carrie's Raiser said...

Carrie is doing great! She can be rather opinionated at times though! Her sister from our group, cameo is light like that as well. Cadence looks huge though! She looks all grown up!

Shelly :) said...

It must run in the family :) Cadence is very alpha female. She was rather naughty at our meeting last night (which our CFR happened to be attending). I also found out that Cadence has not been fixed yet.

Carrie's Raiser said...

Uh oh! Hope it didn't get her into any trouble! And I don't think any of their siblings have been fixed yet. They weren't on the alter list as puppies Carrie was fixed because she has some funky teeth haha

Shelly :) said...

Oh Cadence was in some serious trouble! :) She barked (and not a nice little bark) at my husband three times last night right in front of the CFR.

Our CFR was like I don't usually recommend this but she needs to get into a correction collar ASAP. She has first time raisers and I think they have let her run all over them. :(

After our CFR got her attention and worked with her, she was a lot more attentive so I think she just need to have some dominance in her life. :)

Carrie's Raiser said...

Oh goodness! I could imagine Carrie acting like that if she was being raised in an inexperienced home. She was deffinately a rule pusher when we first got her! She is settling in nicely though. I hope Cadence just needs a little more correction :)