Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Updates, Updates, Updates! :)

Holy Cow I have so much updating to do that it's going to have to be in bullets!

  • Congrats to Valentino who graduated last weekend! He will be living in Medford, Oregon with his new partner. He had a pretty cool formal training as he was able to go Disney World with his trainer for a conference! Here he is in harness:
  • Joanne was career changed for cataracts. She came back up on the last truck and will be living with a lady name Joanne (Yes, you read that right) :) Here is what she looked like the day she came back on the truck from Oregon:
  • We welcomed Kyra to our club! She is a yellow golden/lab cross. She came up on the truck with three of her sisters. The funny part in all this is she actually has the same mom as Joanne...Small world huh? :) I saw her a week ago and she is such a sweet little thing. Here she is:
  • We had an overnight guest named Kristi a few weeks ago. She is a 16 month old yellow lab transfer to the other club we work with who is really small for her age and her commands are stellar. I found out today that she was career changed for dog distractions. :( By the way, who loves puppy-sitters!?!?! Kristi does!
  • Pembrook (the "golden boy") as I called him was career changed. He recently started aggressively barking at other dogs and even barked at the CFR's dogs in her house. No bueno Pembrook. :( He will be placed by GDB.
  • We are apparently getting a 13 month out Male Black Lab named Simpson to our club in the next couple of weeks. He likes to bark when he gets happy. :) He will be living with the family who raised Marlin for the next couple of months before he goes to formal training or is career changed.
  • FUN DAYS! This weekend...Come see me! I'll be at our booth selling toyswith Training Paws. Also, this is your last chance to let me know if you want litter mate pictures! Just send me your puppies name and birthday and I'll try my best. Speaking of, our fellow club is getting a new puppy! Yippy for new puppies! :) I will leave you with a cute picture of a yellow and black lab that came up on the last puppy truck:

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