Saturday, May 28, 2011

Marlin Graduated! :)

This post is way over due but Marlin graduated 3 weeks ago today (May 7th!) I was planning on going down, but came down with a sinus infection/cold/allergies that totally made me feel crummy. The last thing I felt like doing was spending 6 plus hours in a car.

Thankfully Marlin's raisers sent me text messages through out the day and took some pictures for me. :) He was placed with a female retired school teacher who lives in Northern California. He will be living with 2 other black labs who also start with the letter "M" in the country. Talk about a fun life he will have!! :) His raisers said he was his typical "quirky" self and his new partner loves it when he does his "frog dog" (like the picture of him below when he was at work with me one day):

Here are a few other pictures of Marlin in harness. Isn't he handsome? :)

A HUGE congrats to Marlin and his new partner! :)

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