Sunday, November 14, 2010


The last weekend in October I decided to get some more time with Marlin. He came to work with me on Friday and then we had him all day Saturday. He is 16 months as of yesterday (November 13th) so we are expecting a re-call probably before the end of the year for him. Most of his siblings have headed back for their formal training already. Friday night we went to dinner with some friends at a restaurant with peanuts all over the floor! I really wish I could have taken some pictures but Marlin curled right up under the table and went right to sleep. People were really surprised when we got up and walked out with him (Good Job Marlin!) :)

Or course this post would not be complete with out some pictures!

Marlin at work

Marlin LOVES his Y-Bone


Marlin snuggling :)

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