Friday, April 2, 2010

Nothing New Here

Thanks so much to Maddie & Betsy for sending me the Phase Report! :)

Unfortunately, there is nothing new to report. Topeka is still in Phase 10 and Donata is in Phase 8. It is very cool to see how their siblings are doing though.

For example with Topeka here is who we have:
Tallulah-Phase 10
Tara-Phase 1 (I believe she may have been back for breeder eval)
Toledo-Phase 8
Trevor-Phase 8
Trishna-Phase 1
Tropic-Not Sure
Tulsa-Phase 9

I have to say that litter has a rather awesome streak going on!

For Donata, I don't know all her litter mates but here are the ones I know:
Damara-Phase 7
Dexter-Phase 7
Dotty-Phase 1
Digby-Phase 1

Update: (These puppies are Donatas' Siblings that I am not sure about) Thanks Mary for the list!

I did see that Donata has some more siblings (her mom Petal had another litter). I'm excited for hopefully not one but TWO graduations coming up. I have never been to one and am hoping to make it to hopefully at least one.


Lauren and Don said...

Looks like Petal's "D" litter is doing really well. I remember when they were so tiny- my leader had them as a house litter until they were eight weeks old. I remember holding Dexter and Donata as 6 wk old pups- they were so adorable!

Mary W. said...

11/4/08 Dylan black X Petal medium
Damara female black
Derica female black
Dexter male black
Digby male black
Donata female black
Dot female black
Dotty female black
Dubai female black

Maddie and Betsy said...

Let me know anytime you don't get it. I'm happy to send it to you :)

GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

Lauren...Their fur was SOO soft! :) She was a little fuzz ball as a puppy.

Mary...Thanks for posting the list! I really appreciate it.

Maddie...I might be emailing you again this Thursday. Thanks for sending me last weeks! ;)