Monday, April 5, 2010


Malta isn't a puppy I have mentioned on this blog. She came off the truck in March 2009. As a puppy, she was a little fireball and her raise was a 9-10 year old girl. She just needed some one who had more experience and could be VERY firm with her. As a result, she was transferred and Jessa joined our group in June 2009.

But back to Malta :)

I'm part of a yahoo group with GDB people and someone was asking about Malta's litter. Someone responded and said they were raising Malta! She sent me a couple of updated pictures (below) and let me know she is heading back the middle of April as a potential breeder! It totally amazes me how much a puppy can change. This is what she said about her now:

"She is really a darling girl. Tall and more "hunting" variety looking than some, we have had her since she was 8 1/2 (9?) months old, and she has stolen our hearts. She is very sweet - although she is certainly a puppy in a big dog body! She often times has no idea just how big she really is!! She has matured a ton since she came to us, and our fingers are crossed that she makes it as a breeder. That would be so wonderful! Especially since there seem to be several clubs/families that have a vested interest in her, it would be a really big fan base for her puppies!"

Here are some pictures of her as a puppy and today a year later!
May 2009:

June 2009:

In the past month:

Taken this past weekend:

I always love to see how certain puppies mature over time. I also love that GDB is like one big family. :)

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Lauren and Don said...

Yes, I agree- it is always great to see a puppy as a youngster then as an adult. I think that's one of the best parts of being involved in a puppy club- you fall in love with all the dogs and get to watch their progress. The same situation happened in our club with a dog that was being raised by a younger girl and was transferred. She did really well and just went back for formal training, to be evaluated for a breeder. Also, the very first puppy I puppysat was Nancy, a dog from a different club. She was quite the fireball :) I was SO happy when I read that she'd become a breeder this Jan. I hadn't heard about her for more than a year!