Saturday, January 23, 2010

Donata is Going to College!

I got the "official" word that Donata will be heading back for her formal training on the 7th of February. :( Thankfully we will have her one last time before she leaves. She has such a funny personality being 1/2 golden, 1/2 lab. That will leave our club with only two puppies (Marlin and Jessa) until March when our leader is getting a new puppy. She would be getting one in February, but broke her ankle and had to have surgery. We also have another family who is very interested in raising so they might be getting a new puppy also. Jessa went into heat a couple of weeks ago and is still on the breeder watch list. I will miss Donata, but if she doesn't make it for some reason, our leader will be adopting her! :)

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