Monday, June 20, 2011

Marlin Update

A couple of weeks ago, Marlin's raisers got an update on how he is doing. Here are a few excerpts from her email:

"My sons are in love with him and love the way he scoots and plays. He has discovered the cows and horses in our neighborhood. He had whiplash when he heard the cattle moo! Last week he helped me to volunteer at my son’s school. He was a big hit."

"My first time bringing him to church I didn’t know that I sat in the “children’s area”. Marlin distracted every baby there and all you could hear from that side of the church was “doggie, doggie”."

"I have talked to my classmates and many are having problems with their dogs jumping onto furniture and car seats. I can’t thank you enough for giving Marlin such great manners. He has never attempted to get up on anything and is a great traveler at my feet. Thank you!"

Way to go Marlin! You make me so proud! :)

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