Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mulan's Graduation

The second weekend in April, I had the chance to meet Mulan (Marlin's sister) and her raiser down in Oregon for graduation. Her raiser was flying in from Colorado so I went along to take pictures (and of course to meet her and Mulan). Mulan looked so pretty in harness! She wasn't as quirky as Marlin is but such a sweet little thing. Mulan's new partner is a wonderful man who loves Mulan dearly. Mulan is his second guide dog (the first he had for 10 years). She passed away on the day Mulan was born which I think their partnership was meant to be. :) It was fun to go the "before part" of graduation (which I had never been to). At the end of graduation, GDB is now giving the raisers and the new partner a slide show of what they did during their two weeks at GDB. It was a great way to end graduation and also be able to see the dog they had raised working hard!

I forgot to mention that Marlin was the demo dog at the March 12th graduation!! :) He is still in Phase 8 awaiting placement. When we were down last weekend though he was under "receiving" so hopefully soon he will be placed. Valentino went back today from our club on the puppy truck.


A GDB harness on top of a table in the kitchen:

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Jennifer Burrhus said...

I really wish I could get a harness like this. Love how the handle is angled instead of straight, straight handles bother my wrist. My service dog is a standard poodle and is wicked smart :) Hopefully I can find a harness similar to this with the nice handle to save my wrist!