Friday, February 25, 2011

Question to the Readers

Where are you from and what are the laws in your state as far as service animals go? I am from Washington State where they are trying to pass this law regarding service animals: I can't say I've seen a full size horse with someone at restaurant. :) I think it will help clear up some confusion.

Thoughts? :)


Amanda said...

Utah laws are fairly generous as far as service animals and animals in training go. Here's a link to the law.

According to the Utah law, a "'Service animal' means: (a)(i) a guide dog; (ii) a signal dog; or (iii) any other animal individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability."

Shelly :) said...

Thanks for posting that! :) I personally have never had an issue going to public places with a dog in training. When we have been to Seattle Mariners games for baseball or the Sounders for soccer, they will very accommodating letting us go out a back way to relieve or sitting in a not so crowded area.

I think there is a lot of gray area though when it comes to service animals too.