Thursday, June 17, 2010

Puppy Updates!

Marlin: He apparently got neutered this week. Poor Guy. :( They weren't at our last meeting so I haven't seen the guy in awhile.

Jessa: She is being picked up today after being in heat for the past couple of weeks. Before our CFR left, she wanted to see if going into heat a second time for her would maybe help with some of her distractions. She doesn't have a re-call date yet but will probably be sometime in the fall/late summer.

Loyola: She is graduating (again) this Saturday down in California! I'm so happy that her raiser and her mom are able to make it down there to see her graduate again. It is the first dog ever from our club to 1) Graduate twice and 2) Have a graduation down at the California campus (as all of our dogs go back to Oregon). Though someone asked, if she graduates twice, does that mean she got her Masters? :) I'm hoping she doesn't got back for her PhD! She is being placed with a 30 year old guy who is attending college in the fall. He is completely blind and Loyola will be his first guide dog. I'll be sure to post more when I get pictures and the full story.

Valentino & Joanne: They are getting bigger! :)

And I can't forget the siblings of Topeka and Donata:
Topeka's Siblings:
Tallulah-Graduated (Working in Toronto, Canada)
Tara-Phase 10
Toledo-Was in Phase 10...Not sure if career changed?
Trevor-Career Changed
Trishna-Phase 10
Tropic-Phase 8
Tulsa-Graduated (Working in Battle Ground, WA)
Topeka-Graduated (Working in Little Rock, Arkansas)

Donata's Siblings:
Damara-Graduating this weekend in Oregon! :)
Dotty-Phase 10
Digby-Career Changed
Derica-Phase 5
Dot-Phase 8
Dubai-Phase 8
Donata-Graduated (Working in McMinnville, OR)

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