Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sibling Update (As of 5/15/2010)

Topeka's Siblings:
Tallulah-Graduated (Working in Toronto, Canada)-She actually graduated with Donata!
Tara-Phase 7
Toledo-Was in Phase 10...Not sure if career changed?
Trevor-Career Changed
Trishna-Phase 7
Tropic-Phase 7
Tulsa-Phase 10
Topeka-Graduated (Working in Little Rock, Arkansas)

Donata's Siblings:
Damara-Phase 10
Dexter-Phase 10
Dotty-Phase 8
Digby-Phase 7
Derica-Phase 1
Dot-Phase 4
Dubai-Phase 4
Donata-Graduated (Working in McMinnville, OR)

Thanks again to Maddie and Besty for sending me the full phase reports!

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