Friday, May 28, 2010

Loyola & Jessa Update

It is Loyola!! :) I emailed her raising family (who are some of the nicest people you would meet in your life) and asked if they had heard anything. If you remember, the nice lady Loyola was placed with is 89 years old. Loyola's Graduation

Apparently, she is unable to care for Loyola anymore and returned her to GDB. :( She had hip replacement surgery and then she ended up falling and has a cast covering her stomach/hip. Since it's been under a year, they are able to re-train Loyola and hopefully get her a new partner. I do hope her old partner is doing okay. :(

As far as Jessa is concerned (this is the same family who also raised Loyola), since she has gone into heat twice, they are going to hold of spaying her for now. Our CFR is going do re-evaluate her when she comes out of heat to see if anything changed. So as of now, she's still a "potential breeder".

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