Thursday, April 8, 2010

I love Thursdays :)

I have decided Thursdays are currently my favorite day of the week because Phase Reports come out!

Topeka is still in Phase 10 and Donata has moved up to 9. I think it would be awesome if they ended up being in the same class and graduating together. :)


Lauren and Don said...

Yay for phase reports! Its great to see how well Donata and Topeka are doing. Do you get the phase reports for all dogs in training? Would you happen to know what phase Digby (Donata's brother) is in?

GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

Sorry about not getting back to you. : ) I was out of town for a long weekend visiting my husband's family. I'm glad you were able to get the report. I usually only get our territory from our leader but can get the full report from other friends who get it. If I do, I'll let you know about Digby for sure. :) Hope you had a great weekend!