Friday, February 5, 2010

Marlin & Donata

Last Friday I had the chance to take Marlin to work. He was on a trial run with me to see how well he would do. Needless to say he did wonderful! He's a VERY attentive dog and the moment he would hear me move (even if he was sleeping) he would pop right up into a sit position. Most puppies just lay there giving me this look like "I really have to get up?!?!?" He is such a sweet little guy and LOVES to have his ears and belly rubbed. Right now is on potential breeder watch so we will see how that spans out. I just want to know how he got to be 6-1/2 months old so quick!

After we dropped off Marlin on Saturday, we went to pick up Donata for her last weekend with us. It was good just to spend some time with her. We got in some snuggle time and sleep. I swear she sleeps more than any dog I know. I'll sure miss her when she heads off to formal training on Sunday but that always means new puppies! We are actually getting TWO new puppies to our club in March so that will be exciting. :)

Next post is going to be about the puppy truck!

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